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Rabia is such an amazing person. Her knowledge has shed light on so many things for me and it has changed so much for me in the most positive of ways. Not only does she approach people with kindness and understanding, but she can be very intellectual and statistical as well which is beneficial for the scientific brainiacs. Her passion for Ayurveda and yoga goes a long way, and I appreciate all she has taught me and will always keep that knowledge close.

Janie R.

Rabia is amazing. I went to her multiple times during my stressful times. Not only did she listen to me vent, but she addressed my anxiety and stress levels. She gave me tips on breathing techniques and home remedies including tips to help combat my anxiety at home. I felt prepared the next time when my anxiety hit. I knew exactly what I had to do because of Rabia. The best part about being around her and talking to her is that she’s very personable. She shared stories with me about herself that allowed me to connect with her. She made me realize that it’s human and okay to feel what I was feeling. She puts your entire wellness and health as her first priority. I couldn’t have asked for such a great Ayurvedic Practitioner!

Samad A.

I am honored to have worked with and learned from Miss Meghani for several years now. Her passion for her work in Ayurveda and Yoga is evident by how she practices it herself daily and then shares it so genuinely with clients. She is invested in helping others live a better life, to heal and is able to take on a challenges. While she has mastered the knowledge and skill behind her profession, it is her ability to connect with others that leaves the biggest impact.

Dr. Natasha G.

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